The safety and security of children is of prime concern for our institution and our security system is better. The CCTV surveillance systems is engaged to provide 24X7 security and safety at Civilize Modern Sankul, Surat to keep round the clock vigil during both day and night in the sankul building and in every bus while on movement.  This institution has sufficient  Gate Keepers/Supervisors who can monitor the security of the Main Gate as well as campus security.  The Supervisor is fully trained and monitors carefully security matters at every corner of the campus. We have an accomplished team that works tirelessly to ensure that our children are safe.

Regular drills are held to ensure that our guards are alert. Also, regular meetings are held to ensure effective operation of security.

The campus is fully upgraded with CCTV surveillance systems.  All other electronic support required for security exists in our sankul.

Our security ensures safe movement of students in classrooms and out of the classrooms. A CCTV surveillance systems in the campus helps us to monitor movement. Unauthorized person is not allowed in the campus and the movement of people in and out of the campus is strictly monitored.

The safety of the students is paramount hence adequate care is being taken for safety of students.