Approach For Learning (CIVILIZE MODERN SANKUL)

Educational Approach

I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand. – Confucius Education at CIVILIZE is a healthy mix of classroom and life. Learning by doing is ingrained in our Educational Philosophy. We believe that learning follows the following four steps in a circle as highlighted by Charles Handy: Handy believes that it is best to think of learning a wheel of four parts:

  • Question
  • Theory
  • Test
  • Reflection

It doesn’t end at reflection, but like a wheel, goes back to Questions and so on. It is a wheel because it is meant to go round and round. One set of questions duly answered and tested and reflected upon leads on to another. It is life’s special treadmill. All learning starts with questions! Even Newton asked, why an Apple falls down and he discovered gravity!

We teach our students to:

  1. Ask questions and think independently
  2. To explore new ideas and not be afraid of challenges and failures
  3. Be open minded, tolerant, fair and kind
  4. To do the right thing always, even when nobody is watching
  5. Raise their bar high and never to accept sub-standard work from themselves