Hon. Chairman

Message By The Chairman

Founded in MAY,2011 Civilize Modern Sankul, Surat has completed six years of fruitful existence. I am happy to observe that it has made tremendous progress in academic, physical and cultural activities and carved out a special niche for itself in the community of top ranking sankuls of Surat.

The sankul has an enviable infrastructure and it effectively caters to the mental, moral, physical, emotional and aesthetic growth of the students through an innovative creative and constructive programme of wide ranging curricular and co-curricular activities. The sankul imparts quality education with a view to develop a harmonious and well-integrated personality of the students, inculcating in them good & healthy habits, noble ideas and progressive views.

The sankul helps to enlarge their mental horizon and prepares them to become useful citizens of the nation. The sankul lays special emphasis on Indian Culture, Moral Education and Technological Advancement by creating a congenial atmosphere that fosters wholesome pattern of Human Relationship and Social Responsibility. The students become self-disciplined, self-reliant and rational minded young people who act on their own in developing the socio-economic framework of the country and keep a cosmopolitan outlook on life. Literacy is the key for nation building. As an educationalist I feel all of us have equal responsibility to mould and encourage this present young generation towards excellence in education. Although it is a difficult task yet if we wish to see India with a difference, it is inevitable.

                                                                                                     MR. PARBATBHAI KACHHADIYA (BAGDANA)